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Man jailed for assaulting police officers and staff in Brighton

Man jailed for assaulting police officers and staff in Brighton

A man who had been assaulted during a fight in Brighton went on to assault three police officers, a PCSO and a security officer as they tried to help him.

Carl Nicholson, 51, of no fixed address, who appeared before Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Monday (27 April) was jailed for 12 months after pleading guilty to three counts of assaulting emergency workers, assault by beating of an emergency worker, assault by beating, two counts of using racially aggravated words to cause alarm and distress and using threatening abusive words and behaviour with intent to cause alarm and fear.

The court heard that Nicholson was aggressive and threatening towards a PCSO who located him in Preston Street on Friday (24 April) following reports he had been injured during an altercation in nearby Western Road.

When the officer and two security officers told Nicholson an ambulance had been called so he could have medical treatment for a cut to his head, he swore and shouted at them and refused to co-operate. He then shoved one of the security officers in the chest and when a police officer arrived to arrest him, he grabbed her and tried to head butt her. He then flicked body skin towards the PCSO saying he had scabies and told her that he was going to infect her with it.

Nicholson, who was still resisting officers, was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital to be checked over by medical staff for the injury to his head. After receiving treatment, while being escorted in a prison van back to custody, he told another police officer that he had HIV and spat at him and then tried to head butt him. He then kicked a police sergeant and made racist comments towards the officer he had spat on.

Nicholson was told by the magistrates that he was given a 12-month custodial sentence because they were serious offences committed in public during a pandemic on a number of emergency workers and a security guard taking them away from other duties.

Brighton and Hove Superintendent Rachel Swinney said: “Our officers, staff and other security guard workers should not have to deal with being assaulted while carrying out their duties to protect the public.

“In this case they were actually trying to get help for a man who had been injured. Instead they were faced with violence, abuse and the threat of contamination. which was despicable and obviously distressing.

“We hope this conviction goes to show that any such behaviour will not be tolerated.”