BLM Breaking London

Battle of Trafalgar and Waterloo all in one afternoon in London


A major police operation took place in central London today (Saturday, 13 June) after thousands of people travelled into the capital to protest.

In advance of these demonstrations, the Metropolitan Police imposed a series of conditions designed to keep people safe.

We also used a tactic known as a section 60 authority following information that a number of people were carrying weapons.

Many people have complied with the conditions and have listened to the requests of officer during the day.

However, there have been pockets of violence directed towards our officers.

As of 17:00hrs, five people have been arrested for offences including violent disorder, assault on police, possession of an offensive weapon, possession of class A drugs and drunk and disorder.

They all remain in custody at a central London police station. Six officers have suffered minor injuries.

Commander Bas Javid said: “Thousands have travelled to London despite being asked not to and some of those have been intent on causing harm.

“We understand why people want to express their concerns and have worked hard to keep people safe.


“Many people have complied with these conditions, and have listened to officers during the day, and have behaved as we have requested in order to keep them safe.


“A number of people have not followed these conditions, putting officers, and other’s safety at risk.

“There have been pockets of violence directed towards our officers. This is completely unacceptable and I condemn those involved.

“From 5pm any protest must end. From this point those linked to these events may see us use a range of tactics to disperse those that remain which may include arrests.


“We will not tolerate the violence previously exhibited by some protestors. My message to those who remain in central London is go home.”