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Man jailed for two years for stalking victim he met online

Man jailed for two years for stalking victim he met online

A West Sussex man has been jailed for stalking a woman he met on an online dating website.

David Watman, 39, of Priors Leaze Lane in Nutbourne was sentenced on Tuesday (23 June) to two years imprisonment for stalking involving serious alarm at Portsmouth Crown Court. He pleaded guilty on 11 May and was remanded in custody.

Watman met his victim on an online dating website in April. He began to stalk her and suggest people were coming to “get her” and that he was always watching her. The victim was sent high volumes of messages, receiving in excess of 130 messages and 50 phone calls in 24 hours.

She reported his behaviour to police and an investigation led to Watman’s arrest and prosecution.

Detective Constable Jason Berney, of the Safeguarding Investigations Unit, said: “This has been difficult for Watman’s victim, who has been brave in coming forward to the police and reporting it.

“We take stalking incredibly seriously at Sussex Police. Stalking can be incredibly traumatic for victims and can have a long-term psychological impact. We hope she can feel safer knowing he has been jailed for this crime.

“I would encourage anyone who thinks that they are a victim of stalking to come forward and report it so we can investigate.”

For information and guidance about stalking and harassment please see the Sussex Police website here.