Breaking Coastguard East Sussex Newhaven

Coastguard and Lifeboat scrambled to capsized Dingy in Newhaven Port

Coastguard and Lifeboat scrabbled to capsized Dingy in Newhaven Port
Credit @dmoonuk

A Dingy with 2 persons on board capsized in Newhaven Harbour Entrance around 12:30pm 02/07/20.

Coastguard was alerted and tasked Newhaven Coastguard and Newhaven Lifeboat.


A passing boat from the Wind Farm raced to the rescue pulling the 2 persons that in been in the water clinging on to the harbour pier for around 10 minutes to safety and keeping hold of the upside down dingy till the RNLI arrived.

Newhaven lifeboat was quickly on scene and launched there Y Boat who then dingy away from the pier and managed to re-float it then they towed it to the safety of the marina.

The 2 person were taken by the wind cat boat to awaiting coastguard personal who checked them over and offered safety advice.

Newhaven Harbour also launched the Pilot boat for safety cover.

If you see any one in trouble in the water or along the coast please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard