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Police take action against anti-social driving in Eastbourne

Police take action against anti-social driving in Eastbourne

Police in Eastbourne held a night of action as they continue to respond to reports of anti-social driving in the town.

Officers from the Roads Policing Unit and local prevention teams were out on Saturday night (July 11), patrolling areas where the public have reported an increase in anti-social driving.

They stopped a number of vehicles and engaged with drivers, highlighting the need for safe and considerate behaviour on the roads.

A Section 59 warning was issued to a vehicle on Lottbridge Drove after it was seen travelling at excess speed and undertaking.

A Section 59 warning was also issued to a vehicle on Golden Jubilee Way for excess speed, undertaking on a roundabout and intentional revving to produce noise.

Section 59 of the Road Traffic Act allows police to give drivers a warning if they are reported to have used their vehicle in a manner which causes alarm, distress or annoyance.

If the driver is found to have done so again within a year of the warning being issued, police have the power to seize the vehicle.

Officers also gave out two Traffic Offence Reports for excess speed on the Polegate Bypass and the Pevensey Bypass.

Chief Inspector Di Lewis, district commander for Eastbourne and Lewes, said: “We have listened to the public’s concerns around anti-social driving and have identified a number of hotspots where this is taking place.

“Our night of action on Saturday night saw targeted patrols in these areas, and the vast majority of drivers we spoke to were supportive of our activity.

“We want to engage positively with young drivers, to educate and build a relationship with them as key members of our community.

“We understand the distress anti-social driving can have on members of our community and we will continue to respond effectively to their concerns, taking appropriate action where necessary.”

Members of the public are encouraged to report issues to police, either online or by calling 101.

For more information on anti-social driving and how to report it, visit