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Police cancel beach party in Essex before it even started

Police cancel beach party in Essex before it even started

Police in Essex have  a dispersal orders in place following reports of a large group of people gathering on #Southend beach.

The order was implemented after coaches initially destined for Bradwell-on-Sea arrived in Southend this evening.

They don’t have access to any music equipment after it was seized earlier.


Police say they will continue to stop vehicles we believe are looking to attend and cause a public nuisance.

Offcieds are taking a robust approach by dispersing groups, by stopping vehicles and by using our powers to prevent an unauthorised event.

The order will be in place until 6am tomorrow and it covers 4.5 miles from Shoebury at Uncle Toms Café to Chalkwell Beach.

Chief Superintendent Glen Pavelin said: “Following our enforcement action earlier, a number of vehicles including coaches have arrived in Southend.

“We have orders in place that give us the power to move people away and to seize any equipment associated with an unauthorised event.

“We know they are taking steps to try and get hold of music equipment – we’re even more determined to make sure that they don’t.

“The people gathering here have travelled from outside of Essex and their inconsiderate actions have meant that we have had to focus some of our resources at Southend beaches.

“We have the numbers to manage the situation while our local response teams continue their usual duties – helping to keep your communities safe.

“We thank local people for their support and their co-operation while we manage this incident.”