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October is Black History Month. It’s a time to remember, reflect and celebrate Black history and there’s lots of ways

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Brighton & Hove residents can learn about the lives and legacies of Black people, their experiences and contributions to the city and across the country. 

City celebrations

Each year local community groups, organisations and residents mark Black History Month through activities that raise awareness and celebrate our local and national Black history.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, this year is no different with lots of Black History Month activities now taking place virtually. 

The local Writing Our Legacy group have helpfully put together a round up of events taking place in the city. Check out what’s happening and join in the celebrations.

The council will continue to promote Black History Month news and activities throughout October.  

What does Black History Month mean to you? 

Council staff and residents are being asked “what does Black History Month” mean to you as part of a project and virtual event organised by the council’s BME Workers’ Forum. 

In collaboration with two artists, including Anthony Kalume of Sussex based charity Diversity Lewes, and local artist and council social worker Odi Oquosa, staff and their family and friends have been invited by the forum to a free virtual event.

Anthony will be discussing his work focussed around ten individuals who have gone on to influence events beyond the city and Odi will be taking staff through his interactive work that seeks to guide people on how people process information and how that influences behaviour. 

As part of this theme people are being asked to reflect on what does Black History Month mean to them and send in examples of art, poetry, songs, stories, literature or experiences. The council will co-ordinate and share examples during October.

You can submit your contributions by emailing

All year round learning and understanding 

Black History is something that residents can continue to learn and understand all year round. 

A selection of books on Black history and being anti-racist are available through council libraries and many of these are widely available to download.

You can keep up to date with library Black History Month news and information by following library services on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

To continue to explore local Black history there’s groups and projects active in the city raising awareness.

The Brighton & Hove Black History group seeks to reveal the city’s diverse cultural heritage and they have lots of fascinating features and local information on our Black history.

Councillor Steph Powell, Co-Chair of the Tourism, Equality, Culture & Communities Committee said: “Black History Month is a time to learn, explore and engage with an important part of our country and city’s history that too often is not known, understood or talked about.   

“While October is an opportunity to share the whole and truthful story of our rich heritage, it’s important that we remember, reflect and understand the lives and legacies of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic People who have shaped our country over many centuries throughout the year.  

“I hope that everyone gets involved in Black History Month and continues to learn after October about the contributions and experiences of our diverse communities which makes our city a stronger place.

“We’re continuing work towards becoming an anti-racist council and city, and part of that means understanding, sharing and celebrating our Black History.

“I’m really looking forward to celebrating the month, and thank all the community groups, organisations, residents, BME Workers’ Forum and other council staff for the activities being put on offer.”

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