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Man jailed for setting fire to bins in Brighton

sentencing wilkinson mark pt
sentencing wilkinson mark pt

A man has been jailed in connection a series of bin fires in Brighton.

Police received multiple reports of bins on fire in central Brighton on Sunday (29 November) and Monday (30 November). Fire crews attended and the fires were extinguished. No damage was caused except to the bins themselves and no injuries were reported.

Following police and CCTV enquiries, a man was arrested and charged with three counts of arson.

Mark Wilkinson, 48, of Brighton Road, Crawley, pleaded guilty to the offences at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (2 December) and was sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Detective Inspector Glenn Taylor said: “Deliberately starting fires is extremely dangerous and it is fortunate that nobody was hurt as a result of these incidents.

“Wilkinson caused multiple fires in busy areas with no regard for the safety and welfare of the local community which is completely unacceptable.

“We are pleased the courts have acknowledged the seriousness of these offences by jailing him for six months.”