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A Level 3 Cold Weather Alert has been issued for the South East Region

A Level 3 Cold Weather Alert has been issued for the South East Region

According to the Met Office, there is a 90% chance of severe cold weather and icy conditions until Monday (11th January). However, local forecasters IW Met Service say that conditions are actually improving with the temperature rising each day.

As we are all spending more time at home at the moment, the Isle of Wight Council is encouraging people to look after themselves in this cold snap and to look out for friends, family and neighbours who may be at higher risk of experiencing ill-effects from the cold. Those, particularly at risk, include babies and very young children (under 5 years), older people (75+ years), people with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart conditions, circulatory disease, asthma, COPD, depression, anxiety, diabetes or arthritis.

There is some simple advice to help cope with the cold weather.

Keep warm
• Heat your home to at least 18C
• Ensure you have adequate food, medication and warm clothes

Keep well
• Stay as active as you can
• Make sure you get your flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine if you are invited to have one
• Follow COVID-19 guidance

Keep connected safely
• Contact your GP, pharmacist, carer or key worker for advice
• Keep in touch with friends, family and your community
• Look out for others, particularly those who may be at risk of ill health from cold weather