Breaking Canning Town London

First Picture of Man who has scaled a crane and remains for three days in Canning Town in East London

The Protestor who we understand to be 52-year old David Chick who scaled the  2420ft crane in east London to unfurl banner saying ‘dads lives matter’ and ‘plans to stay there for several days’ Police were called to Hallsville Road in Canning Town at around 7.30 am on the 31st March 2021 Officers remain at the scene after a man climbed a crane next to a building site The protester initially unfurled banner reading ‘black lives matter’ atop the crane He then unfolded the banner to read: ‘Black lives matter as much as whites’ The banner added: ‘Dads’ lives matter just as much as mums’ enough is enough’ On  Good Friday the cab of the crane was packed with Spiderman material and Red balloons.  Chick was dressed in a Spiderman outfit that has drawn locals down with children to come and see as he unveils more banners