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Scumbags have stolen Charlton Manor school minibus the school driveway

Two heartless thieves have taken a school minibus that has now depriving pupils to be able to go out on school trips. The thef happened yesterday (Thursday 5th August) at 3.53pm in the afternoon
The Police have been informed and are currently investigating.
Police are wanting information of two further suspects, who attempted to steal the minibus on Tuesday 3rd August at 12.59 pm in the afternoon. The main suspect drove out of our driveway and turned left onto Indus Road, heading towards Shooters Hill.
Officers and the school would be very grateful if you could check your CCTV/Doorbell cams in case they provide further evidence.
If you have any information you can contact the Met Police on 101 and quote crime reference number: 3618413/21.
You can also contact us at:
The registration plate of the stolen school bus is:
The bus is emblazoned with pictures of our children taking part in their learning as well as our school name and logos.
The head of the school said: It feels particularly hard to accept that someone would choose to steal our school bus that is only there for classes of children to go on school trips. This theft risks depriving them of those experiences and opportunities whilst we try and work out what we can do about it.