A21 Breaking Kent Sevenoaks Sussex

Two fighting for their lives after Ambulance collision on the A21 with a cement lorry in Sevenoaks

Four people have been injured – two of them who we understand to be in service Paramedics with South Eastcoast ambulance service we are serious after in a collision involving an emergency ambulance and a cement lorry on the coastbound carriageway of the A21 in Weald Sevenoaks. Officers from Kent Roads Policing Firefighters from Kent Fire and Rescue and Paramedics from South Eastcoast ambulance service were called at around 9pm on Wednesday evening as temperatures plummeted into single freezing figures following the collision. Collison scene investigation teams have spent the past six hours using specialist laser scammers to recreate the collision and collect evidence at the scene.


Dashcam footage has been recovered from the ambulance and the HGV Police say the road will be closed for sometimes as investigation recovery and a cleanup operation takes place Kent


Police and South Eastcoast ambulance service have been contacted for further comment