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Updated – Builders halt housing but council ‘hall’ deemed essential

Updated - Builders halt housing but council ‘hall’ deemed essential
builders flash mum and child when questioned over the m rule

Developers building a community Hall on the Roebuck Park Estate, Hellingly. Were flaunting the 2m social distancing rule.

Builders have halted near by building of new houses but the council deem the new community hall an essential build,

When the builders were challenged on the 2 meter distancing rule  by a passing Mum and  child who were out on their daily hour exercise this is what their reply was.

Builders Flash Mum and Child when questioned over the 2m rule
builders flash mum and child when questioned over the m rule


Update :  The  Chairman Hellingly Parish Council has responded to the above post with the following

You recently published an article critical of the Parish Council, in which you accuse Hellingly Parish Council of deeming the building of the new Parish Hub “an essential build” .   Had you fact checked your comments with the Council before publication you would have been advised that the Council made no such determination.  The Council has a fixed price contract with the builder.  On publication of the government guidance on the present lockdown the Council informed the builder that it did not consider the work essential and that it would understand should the builder suspend all work on the site.   Where work cannot be undertaken from home there is nothing to prevent work being undertaken provided that the workers observe the rules on social distancing.  Certain work on the site has been shut down.    Where however, as in the case of the outside work, this can be undertaken within the present rules the builders have decided to continue.  The Parish Council is satisfied that the 2 meter distancing is being observed and has reminded the builder of the importance of this.

Finally the Parish Council does not condone the display of vulgarity depicted in the photograph that you published and has advised the builders accordingly.

David G White

Chairman Hellingly Parish Council